Halo Hoverboard Review

Halo Rover Hoverboard Review


When you think about hover-board, or self –balancing shooters, you think of a fun way to move from one place to another. Hover-boards have become so popular not only because of riding but also due to the enjoyment they bring. Imagine arriving at an event comfortably on style. All eyes will be on you.

Most people think about flat and smooth surfaces when seeing hover-boards. On a smooth area, you can execute your best turns, reach your top speeds and be able to show off your skills to the admiring people around.

If you would show off your skills on a more challenging terrain, Halo hover-board is a product that promises off-road fun. For people who love the fun of riding a hover-board, and you would want to try it on a rough path, then you need Halo hover-board. It is a hover-board that can move all-terrain, and hence a good choice for modern kids. Whereas it is a self-balance shooter, it has also been granted a UL22772 safety-certificate.

There are many hover-boards on the market that are excellent for street touring. It is so enjoying to ride on a classy hover-board. If you are planning to move beyond the normal surfaces, Halo rover is what you need. It has the ability to maneuver through mud, snow, grass, and sand. The off-road hover-board tires are large than most tires on many others.


The Halo Hover-board has a list of features that beats any other hover-board on the market.

* Halo rover has been granted a UL22772 certificate, hence if your worry was battery exploding, start smiling because you do not need to worry about the battery safety. Also, the wheel arches and the standing deck are held by an aluminum frame. Though it becomes a little heavy, you have a hard-case to move in it. It also has a water resistance rating.

* On all-terrain subject, Halo provides dual 400w-motors. This means it cannot lose performance even when if you have some weight. It is capable to move over rocks and bumps. Though the tires feel a bit stiff, they are large to travel up and down edges.

* Apart from the main features, it has extra cool features. For instance, you can control it using an app and has large LED-panels for people who want to ride at night.

*Also, there are 3 training levels. This means you can move up as you gain skills. Learning, normal and the advanced modes are the amazing levels to fit both professional and beginners riders.

*You can use the app to set speed limiters and to adjust steering for kids. It also a Bluetooth to ensure you play the music as you ride.

* Even though the battery can cut-off while riding, regular inspection of the battery can be done through the app.

* The rechargeable batteries offered by LG powers the hover-board motors to drive for about 2-hours without charging. There are also the frame and wheel guards that offer the needed support when riding. It can hit a speed of 9 mph.

* The Halo Hover-board is available in 3-colors: White, black, and pink. But the white & pink options are normally marked as limited.

* It has an inbuilt speaker to enjoy some music as you ride, and an app to continue checking statistics such as battery life and speed.

* Even though there are many less expensive hover-board, Halo Hover-board performs better, and probably the best one on the market today.

* When doubts are raised about performance and safety of many hover-boards, the two-wheeled shooter has a remarkable self-balancing shooter that takes care of safety and performance. Stability, comfort, and control are other extra features you should expect from this amazing hover-board.


• It is made of superior, quality and durable material.

• Availability of apps ensures a safety and an effective ride.

• It is so comfy when riding on short and long grass

• It is stress-free when cleaning after several dirty rides.

• Charging and riding instructions are straightforward.

• Has a free carry case making it easier to carry and store when not in use.


• A bit heavy

• Expensive than other models

• Failure of Bluetooth to connect with some smartphones


Today, hover-boards are trending for good reasons. Young and adults are competing to show off their skills on the roads. If you are searching for a safe and a reliable hover-board, Halo Hover-board is simply the best. Unlike other products on the market, it has a 12-month warranty, and it is UL2272-certified. Halo Hover-board is also the most durable one. Even though the battery may die when riding, you can always check the status via the app. If you are interested in buying the product, the best place is on the Halo Rover website. Click the button below to check pricing and buy the board.