The hoverboard which is also known as a two wheel scooter, a self balancing electric scooter or a smart balance board has been a popular toy for all sorts of activities from tackling an obstacle course in the home or outside to going shopping.

At we are passionate about reviewing boards in relation to the best fun factor they bring to the table. We look at fun from the point of view of the beholder. Your fun could be:
• Commuting to work or play riding on the most comfortable board
• going the fastest the need for speed
• Giving your kids that ultimate present
• Maybe cool hoverboards are what you are all about with lights blue tooth and more
• Having blue tooth to blast your tunes while riding along
• The most flashing lights to let everyone know you are coming and are here
• The safest two wheeled scooter
• The cheapest hoverboards
• Off-roading fun with your electric scooter
• Fun for beginners
• Quickest to charge
• Goes the furthest
We review different boards that offer each one of these fun factors. Just click on the links associated with each one of the above that suits and find out all you need to know.


The list of manufacturers listed here are not all that are around but are the most popular and safest.  If another company comes on the market that meets our requirements we will add but for the moment this is our


The following accessories are offered to make riding a hoverboard both safe and fun!

Hoverboard Games

Don’t have a two wheeled scooter to ride around the living room?  Only have a living room?  Well why not play the latest fun hoverboard games you can load on your computer?  We will review the best and most fun