Ninebot mini pro

Segway MiniPRO, MiniLIGHT and MiniPLUS hoverboard reviews

The following are fun reviews of the complete range of Segway MiniPRO hoverboards.
Segway has been around since 1999 building top of the line personal transportation devices and has a manufacturing plant in Bedford NH. Yes folks this is a US company.
They joined forces with Ninebot in 2015 and produced their first hoverboard the MiniPRO sometimes known as the Ninebot MiniPRO.

The following is a table giving the technical specifications and then below that are reviews with fun pros and not so fun cons for each of the boards.

Maximum Speed10 mph10 mph12.5 mph
Net Weight28 lbs28 lbs36 lbs
Rage per Charge11 miles12 miles12 miles
Learning ModeYesYesYes
Bluetooth Speakers NoNoNo
iOS & Android AppYesYesYes
LED Movement IndicatorsFront and backFront and backFront and back
Maximum Load176 lbs220 lbs220 lbs
Minimum Load22 lbs85 lbs55 lbs
Minimum age61616
Height range3'7"-5'11"4'3"-6'6"4'3"-6'6"
Tire Size10.3"10.3"11"
Overall size21.4wx23.2hx10.3d in.21.4wx25-37hx10.3d in.22.7wx24.4hx11d in.
Climbing Capability15 Deg15 Deg15 Deg
Charging time4 hr4 hr4 hr
Warranty1 year1 year1 year

Segway MiniPRO

This is the most popular of the three models.  It has some fun features and none more fun than the app.  Check out what the app can do:

  • Allows you to drive it around remotely how much fun is that? Two toys in one! You can ride it and watch it go without you 🙂
  • You can change the colors of the lights!
  • You can set an alarm if the MiniPRO is moved when you are not there
  • You can look at the speed you are going
  • How much further you can go before recharging

This unit comes with pneumatic tires!  10inch!  This is larger than the majority of two wheeled scooters out there which are typically 6.5 or 8 inch.  The air in the pneumatic tires act like shock absorbers to not only give you a fun ride but a smooth ride.

The larger wheels allows the unit to go through grass and gravel so great for off-roading fun.

It can traverse those pesky slopes up to a steep 15 deg!

The knee control bar gives you more connection to the board to allow for more control to manoeuvre through all sorts of fun things.  The knee control bar comes padded with PU foam to give lots of comfort while riding.

The knee control bar can be removed for easy transport.

This board comes with automatic headlights and LED taillights to light up the fun at night so you can see where you are going and people can see you!

The frame is made out of aircraft grade Magnesium Alloy so it is tough so you can go all out with your fun adventures.

Fun Pros:

Great app with the ability to drive the unit remotely

Pneumatic tires make the smooth and enjoyable.

Can go off road

Knee support gives a more stable ride.

One of the faster hoverboards with a max speed of 10 mph.

No fun Cons:

The price!  It is more than most hoverboards out there but if you have the money it is worth the extra.

Check the price out on Amazon by clicking here

Segway MiniLIGHT

This has all the great features of the MiniPRO with the advantage of being suitable for children of 6 years old whereas the MiniPRO and MiniPLUS are only suitable for riders 16 years and older.  It does have a limitation on the upper weight limit which will make it unsuitable for some adults.

Fun Pros:

Great for kids.

Comfortable ride.

No fun Cons:

Less cost than the MiniPRO but still more than the majority of boards out there especially the ones suitable for children.  Again you will get what you pay for this unit.

Check out the price on Amazon by clicking here

Segway MiniPLUS

This board is a step up from the MiniPRO.  It has all the great fun features of the MiniPRO with the added bonus of being able to go further on a charge and faster.  Infact this board goes further than any other board on the market so is great for commuting and with having the highest speed on the market, you can get there faster.

One of the cool, fun additional features is that the unit can follow the rider.  So you can walk down the street and have the board follow you like a dog!

Fun Pros:

Can go futher than any other two wheeled scooter on the market.

Goes faster than any other unit on the market.

Can follow you down the street!

No fun Cons:

Is more expensive than the MiniPRO again you get what you pay for.

The knee control section is not removable.

The weight at 38lb makes it a little hard to lift.

Check out the price on Amazon by clicking here